Why Burnout in the Nursing Profession is A Priority

Burnout in Nursing Needs to be Addressed

Nursing burnout expert Elizabeth Scala is a best-selling author. She cultivates an online nursing community of over 15,000. Additionally, Elizabeth gives a voice and inspiration to millions of nurses who struggle with compassion fatigue and burnout every day. As a result, I admire her work and her mission.

Nursing Burnout & Me

Nursing burnout and compassion fatigue are personal to me because of my work on the American Nurses Association’s official position statement on Incivility, Bullying, and Violence in the workplace.

Incivility and bullying are vital precursors to nursing compassion fatigue and burnout. In fact, the concepts have strange interrelations: compassion fatigue can lead to or exacerbate incivility and bullying. Conversely, incivility and bullying and fuel compassion fatigue. They all end at the same destination: nursing burnout.


Nursing Burnout can be Eliminated

We are not fighting a futile battle against an invincible foe. Nurses can beat burnout. And champions to the cause like Elizabeth Scala are proof.

Knowledge is power. With that power we can empower other nurses to stand up and win against burnout.

Why Burnout in the Nursing Profession is A Priority


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Burnout in the Nursing Profession Needs to be Priority Here it comes… the final post in the nursing burnout series . The topic today- how burnout is still not viewed as significant as it truly is. Why is that? Well, burnout in the nursing profession is still seen as […]



“We don’t give it priority. The health of the nursing staff impacts everything. Patient safety, patient satisfaction, outcome measures. You name it. Burnout is the virus that can affect all things. However, since it is a “soft” topic that is difficult to measure and evaluate, it often gets pushed further and further down the list of agenda items. Or gets bumped from the agenda completely! We must see nurse burnout as a priority and give it the time and attention that it needs.”

“If we are looking for positive patient outcomes, safety, and quality indicators, and patients being satisfied with the healthcare experience… we need a nursing staff who is ready, willing, and able to take care of patients. A nursing group who feels excited to get into work and has the energy to care as much as it takes.” Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN

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