Thursday, March 24, 2022

Zero Active COVID Cases in Baptist Hospital NMS According to CEO

Oxford Celebrates Baptist's COVID News

Excellent news in Oxford, Mississippi, as Baptist Hospital NMS CEO and Administrator Bill Henning announced that for the first time since March 18, 2020, the facility reported zero active COVID patients. 

Baptist Memorial Healthcare has worked to provide the same level of care during some challenging times. More details can be found over on The Oxford Eagle.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Cultivating Good Judgement

Judgment has a bad reputation these days. How often do you get told not to judge or "judge not lest ye be judged?" Our society has conditioned us against being perceived as "judgmental." I'm here to say it is not necessarily wrong to be judgmental.

Personally, I'd prefer to be someone of good judgment or even someone possessing judgment rather than being someone who lacks judgment. Judgment means one has a brain of one's own. You think, and you evaluate and make decisions. Far too often, people lump being critical or negative with judgment.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Good Deeds and Singing Your Own Praises

A Season of Needs

Most people pause during their holiday festivities to think of people less fortunate than themselves, which is natural. It is hard to be lucky without having at least a passing thought of those who don't have enough to eat or somewhere to sleep.

Monday, June 30, 2014

My Quest for Patience and Calm

My mind runs constantly. Nothing too important really; all that gets lost in the minutiae that litters my mind. I’m endlessly fascinated by fascinating things. What do I find fascinating? Quantum physics, nursing, health, nature, photography, religion, puns, spirituality, psychology, rhetoric, ethics, history, science, the universe, compassion, anger, emotions, people, art, plants, words, animals, rain, beaches, oceans….well you get the picture. There is so much in this big beautiful world to see and experience that it makes me sad and reluctant to have to go to sleep at night. In fact, it makes it a downright chore. Like most modern people I want things yesterday. I expect to sit down and read about the Crimean War or astrophysics and come away able to discuss the various aspects of each with perfect clarity.

Friday, June 27, 2014

My Ironic and Hypocritical Disillusion

Anyone who knows me knows my love-hate relationship with technology, particularly technology that allows one to multitask in an effort to get more done for whatever reason (competition, compulsion, boredom, etc.). I’m an old school fan of doing one thing at a time with undivided attention, but that’s another story.

My thoughts today are about technology in general and how we misuse that technology, especially social media technology. I’ll use Facebook as an example since I just logged off of it (don’t judge me!).

My understanding is that the original intent of Facebook (and subsequent social media and communication types like texting) was to keep friends better connected when life scatters them to wherever. The aim was to be a tool with which to augment our organic social interactions – that is social interactions arising from physical connections. Unfortunately, these tools are being misused and have ended up substituting or, worse, replacing our organic social interactions. Further, technology such as smart phones and texting are deposing our genuinely organic social exchanges.