Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Prescription Drug Use on the Rise

If you follow statistical numbers from healthcare at all, you've known what is quickly becoming apparent to others in the United States: prescription drug use is on the rise. According to the CDC, in 2007-2008 the percentage of Americans who took a prescription medication in the past month jumped up from 44% to 48%. This translates to 1 out of every 5 children or 9 out of 10 older adults.

Some other interesting numbers from the CDC:

1. Based on data, women were more likely to take prescription medications than men.

2. Prescription drug use increases with age

3. Non-Hispanic whites had the highest rate of prescription medication use while Mexican-Americans had the lowest rate of use.

4. Americans with access to medical care, insurance, and insurance with prescription drug benefits had higher rates of prescription drug use.

5. The most commonly used prescription medications among adolescents 12-19 years old are central nervous system stimulants.

What do you think about these numbers? Are they problematic or troublesome?

Do Americans rely too heavily on prescription medications? 

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